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You will receive a confirmation of the receipt of your nomination shortly. Your application will be reviewed by our Biographical Research and Academic-Vetting Sub-Committee along with your support materials to confirm the facts associated with your nomination. All nominations which clear our first-tier vetting process will be viable for public perusal, but you are encouraged to submit a 250-word biography along with your form to help explain what inspired you to submit this particular nomination as that may help inform the process. Nominations are accepted all the time and processed by our researchers in advance of the next scheduled round of selection so that they become part of the nominee pool in our database. At appointed times determined by the Legacy Board, nominations are temporarily halted so that ballots can be assembled and forwarded to the Selection Committee made up of historians, archivists, biographers, librarians, and community activists. Ballots are processed by the Biographical Research and Academic-Vetting Sub-Committee where those who received the most votes across the spectrum of fields of contribution and compound demography are assembled into a list of primary Candidates for Induction and Alternates. After being approved by the Legacy Board, the list is forwarded to the City of Chicago for certification. Those nominees not selected to be Candidates for Induction will remain in our candidate-nominee pool for a minimum of two years for consideration during the next selection cycle. So even if your nominee is not chosen, they will be considered again in the future. Thank you again for taking time to nominate your own LGBT Hero!